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Sussex by the Sea

Building for Life

You only have to visit some of the major towns in Sussex to realise growth and investment is rife. There are cranes on mass throughout Sussex and it’s a pleasing skyline to behold!

After many years of witnessing tired and dated buildings, hoarded up spaces and a general state of decay, times are changing and the County has never been busier.

We at The Shore Group have been preparing for this explosion and find ourselves working on arguably the most important projects, whilst we are proud of these achievements it doesn’t come without concerns and obstacles. The biggest being the lack of skilled labour, there does seem to be a generation gap of tradesmen within Sussex. We could all argue about the reasons behind this, but I feel the lack of investment to Construction and Infrastructure over the last decade and the growth of I.T meant we lost many school leavers to Information Technology and we are now all feeling the effects of this. Our commitment to up-skilling our workforce has been positive and encouraged workers across from competitors. Our belief is, if we don’t act, we simply can’t deliver on the largest of scales.

The investment throughout Sussex is much varied, from a new Hospital in Brighton to a shopping complex in Eastbourne. It is noticeable the strategy behind these projects will give the County the kerb appeal it was starting to lose. We have high property prices without having the experience other large Cities can give but once these projects are completed we will have the ammunition to compete on a national scale.

Let’s have a look what these projects offer the County.






Eastbourne Arndale Centre

The scheme comprises of demolition and the construction of an extension of the Eastbourne Arndale Centre to provide a new 9 screen cinema, 22 new stores, 7 restaurants and parking for over 300 cars.


Royal Sussex County Hospital

The project involves a major rationalisation and consolidation of facilities on the Royal Sussex Hospital site and is focused on the 3T’s of tertiary services, teaching and trauma. It will enable all inpatient care to be delivered from modern accommodation, integrated neuroscience into the campus, enhance the scope of the Sussex Cancer Centre, provide the trauma service of Sussex and provide teaching facilities appropriate for the hospitals new role as a major teaching hospital.


Momentum, Brighton

The masterplan comprises of 3 sites; Preston Barracks, Mithras car park and Watts car park. This sustainable development will create over 1000 new jobs and contribute over £500 million to the City’s economy over the next 10 years. The project includes 376 new homes, over 1200 student accommodation beds, parking of 750 cars, shops, cafes and a central research laboratory for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs.


Glaxo Smithcline, Worthing

This project comprises of construction of a new pharmaceutical production building incorporating 3 manufacturing modules, utility and other engineering operations. This employer has been fantastic to the area, bringing much needed employment.


Kilnwood Vale Masterplan

This vast development consists of over 2500 residential units, new rail station, energy centre, primary care centre, public house, library, community buildings and a care home. We are currently midway through this 5-year project.