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What Impact Does Social Media Have on Recruitment?



Living in the 21st century where social media is at it’s highest point ever, makes recruitment and searching for jobs even easier than before. With applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and even Snapchat.

The use of social media and marketing goes beyond just a job description, it allows employers to promote within one click of a button rather than the long process of typing in a website.

Photo’s of projects can allow the viewer to engage in current developments that an employer is working on which allows them an insight in what working for that company is like. This is where social media such as Instagram come’s into place, allowing employers to engage in their viewers through visuals rather than text. Instagram provides hashtags and the ability to share the post on Facebook and Twitter therefore saving time.

Tweets allow only 140 characters in one update, so this gives a short and sweet response allowing  information to be passed on quickly and directly, without no fancy job linguistics & highlights the key points of information. Hashtags are mainly used in Twitter to determine what is trending in the world and users normally search for these to find tweets about a certain subject.

Most recruiters use Facebook (whether personal or business) to advertise potential positions on social media. Some recruiters even pay money to advertise their jobs enabling Facebook users to see the position on their timeline even if they do not follow the Company.
Facebook is for anyone, formal yet informal. Facebook is for ‘talk about anything; have a new app?’
Link it on Facebook. ‘New positions available?’ Link it on Facebook. ‘New building photo?’ Upload it on to Facebook.
It is estimated that there are 1.1 billion active users on Facebook daily, so at least one person is going to view your page per day.

LinkedIn however is set for businesses especially in recruitment and for job seekers, this is where the fancy linguistics and flashy photography is used as the viewer would take more time to read and fully understand the prospect of the position or news. This is where a target audience is created and posts can be shaped to benefit the company and it’s niche audience.

Social media is vital to recruitment companies as it allows them to reach out to the public to provide the best quality service yet report across all areas of recruitment.

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